Veggie City 'in the hood'

Veggie City 'in the hood'
Veggie City crew members posing with Veggie Mastermind, Trevor Johnson in front of our newly painted banner! Thank you LIHC youth for creating such an awesome piece of art!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

So many tomatoes!!!

It was a really cold morning when everyone met at the storage bin. Unfortunately we were hoping that everyone would show up, but at last there was Eric, Angel, Derek, Tosha, Katie and I. Katie bought each of us a donut to start our day and then everyone split into teams of 2 and went to the gardens. I teamed up with Eric and Angel and Derek went together. Katie took the farthest gardens. We picked plenty of was incredible! There were green peppers, banana peppers, and a whole load of tomatoes and cherries tomatoes! After picking everyone was glad to see the beautiful sunshine coming out and bringing us some warmth. We each took a box of vegetables and delivered them. After a long day we went home to enjoy the rest of the beautiful day.

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