Veggie City 'in the hood'

Veggie City 'in the hood'
Veggie City crew members posing with Veggie Mastermind, Trevor Johnson in front of our newly painted banner! Thank you LIHC youth for creating such an awesome piece of art!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Derek and Katie's Week #2

Hey Everyone!!! So this was our first week of working from the ground up, literally! :) We had a great week of weeding and watering, plus a great Wednesday Harvest.. Yet, another week with plenty of hot peppers and cherry tomatoes. If we top 1360 cherry tomatoes next week I will be surprised! Only half of our shareholders came to pick up their bounty on distribution night, so we were able to donate the extra veggies to the Life Resource Centre. They were so happy to see us on Thursday morning. They said that they were going to use all the extra veggies for their upcoming seniors lunch. During the week Derek spent some time becoming the bicycle repair man. This proved to be more challenging that expected. As one problem was fixed three more would arise. So, we are looking for a REAL repair man. This week was the last week where our wonderful youth worked throughout the week, so on Thursday afternoon we had a end of summer soiree. The youth made a salsa using veggies from our gardens! We will really miss getting to work with all the youth on a day to day basis, but are excited to get to see them every weekend for our upcoming weekend distribution days!!! Thats about all for week 2 for us, so sighning off, stay classy London!!!

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