Veggie City 'in the hood'

Veggie City 'in the hood'
Veggie City crew members posing with Veggie Mastermind, Trevor Johnson in front of our newly painted banner! Thank you LIHC youth for creating such an awesome piece of art!

Friday, 29 July 2011


Launch BBQ Blog- Reeon

To The Veggie City Followers:
The BBQ was a success and we had so much fun! We had Hamburgers, Hot dogs, and Veggie Kabobs. Me as a very social person, I tried to juggle two events that I scheduled on the same day: being a part of the Mentors and Mentees program and Veggie City -I had my bike riding from Kipps Lane to The Park on the other side.  The Veggie City Shareholders came to the event with smiles on their faces and “Human Bingo” cards in their hands. I couldn’t believe the questions I was being asked while I was handling the grill! Some of the questions made me want to drop the spatula and start laughing. After the day starting dying down and the residents left, I was wondering what has happening in my other program and then Tosha said “Hey Reeon go call the other people over here we have lots of food” which made my day because I got do both things at once even though I doubled booked and I won’t ever do that again way too hard to manage. Jules sang and played the guitar for us, which was awesome. She is a fantastic musician! Thank you to Trevor for being my grill bud and to Jules for making our BBQ the best!    

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